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UNODC Forensic DNA Training


Millington Hingley recently led a team of UK experts to deliver sessions to the UNODC ROMENA DNA Training Conference in Cairo.

At the conference, which was hosted by the Forensic Medicine Authority, Lynne Hingley presented a schedule of training seminars. This project was delivered in partnership with FR-UK and developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice with the aim of reforming and enhancing the institutional and operational capacities of the criminal justice system in Egypt.

Forensic Scientist Lynne Hingley

Lynne worked with other renowned Forensic DNA Analysis experts - including Cristina Coman from Kingston University and Victoria Clay-Harris from Bournemouth University - to deliver a series of coordinated sessions in specialist DNA technologies, interpretation frameworks for mixed DNA profiles and validation and implementation strategies.

As Lead Scientist at LGC Forensics between 2003-2012, with key accountabilities in the validation and quality management of new DNA processes, Lynne was well placed to lead the team.

Here's what Lynne had to say about the event:

"This was a wonderful opportunity to help UNODC widen their forensic capability and to contribute to this international conference. The all-female training team consisted of forensic doctors and international experts each contributing their time and knowledge and showcasing their incredible talent in Forensic DNA analysis.

I am excited to see how the training is put into practice and hope that we can build on the strong foundations and deliver more training in the future".

If you have a forensic DNA training need, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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