If your case involves biological forensic evidence we can:

  • Produce 'Advisory Reports' regarding SFR evidence to help in the early stages of proceedings

  • Put the biological evidence into context with the case circumstances / your client's account

  • Interpret body fluid findings, including provide comment on transfer & persistence

  • Review and provide opinion on DNA evidence, including specialist techniques & statistical calculations

  • Interpret bloodstain distribution evidence (BPA) and provide an opinion on the expectations of blood transfer in a case context and in light of accounts that are available

  • Re-visit the scene to conduct an independent examination of bloodstaining, including luminol application, or review the scene findings from photographs

  • Undertake a comprehensive review of historical case records and advise on forensic strategy / opportunities


If we are unable to help with your particular enquiry we will try and put you in touch with someone who can.

To generate a quote we need:

  • Your contact details

  • A summary of your requirements

  • Copies of the relevant case papers, including reports or statements issued by the Crown Scientist

  • An outline of your timescales

You are welcome to email or call us directly, or you can use this form to send an outline of your initial requirements and we can start to draft your quote.


Please send any case papers separately using the buttons provided, including via secure cjsm email (, for those who have access). We will be in touch if there is anything else that we need.​​

You can obtain a copy of our Terms & Conditions here and if you instruct us we will also send you a copy of our Client Care Statement. 


We look forward to working with you

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