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Historic Cases

​Millington Hingley are specialists in the review of historic cases, including cold cases and those where scientific developments have resulted in new investigative leads. The team takes a meticulous and broad ranging approach to the contextual review of complex and historic casework (including records that have been held in the National Forensic Archive), to identify the strengths, opportunities and limitations of the forensic evidence. 

We can help by:

  • Producing 'Advisory Reports' regarding scientific evidence to help in the early stages of proceedings and in preparation for trial

  • Interpreting forensic findings, including providing comment on transfer & persistence of scientific findings in the context of historic laboratory- and scene-based examinations 

  • Commenting on the potential impact of early forensic analysis on the overall forensic and DNA strategy 

  • Working flexibly to review cases in a short timeframe, if necessary, and assisting in the preparation for trial

  • Reviewing and providing opinion on DNA evidence, including specialist techniques & statistical calculations

  • Holistic interpretation of scientific evidence and opinion on the strengths and limitations of the results in a case context

  • Re-visiting archived records to identify opportunities for further testing in light of emerging & developing technologies

  • Undertaking a comprehensive review of historical case records and advising on forensic strategy / opportunities

  • Communicating complex scientific issues in a straightforward jury-friendly manner

  • Working with an extensive network of trusted collaborators and forensic specialists to provide a one-stop shop for case review

If we are unable to help with your particular enquiry we have an extensive network of trusted collaborators and we will try and put you in touch with someone who can.

Other Services

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