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Forensic Case Review

​Millington Hingley believes that forensic science primarily has value when it is communicated in a straightforward manner and evaluated in context with the case circumstances, irrespective of where it is being used in the criminal justice system. The team offers non-partisan forensic expertise to the Defence and Crown and our forensic scientists are specialists in the review of complex and historic casework.


We can help by:

  • Producing 'Advisory Reports' regarding SFR evidence to help in the early stages of proceedings

  • Putting the biological evidence into context with the case circumstances / your client's account

  • Interpreting body fluid findings, including providing comment on mechanisms of transfer & persistence of body fluids & DNA

  • Reviewing and providing opinion on DNA evidence, including specialist techniques & statistical calculations

  • Interpreting bloodstain distribution evidence (BPA) and providing opinion on the expectations of blood transfer in a case context 

  • Re-visiting the scene to conduct an independent examination of bloodstaining, including luminol application

  • Reviewing scene findings from photographs and digital media, including body worn footage

  • Undertaking a comprehensive review of historical case records and advising on forensic strategy / opportunities

  • Putting legacy forensic testing into a contemporary context


If we are unable to help with your particular enquiry we have an extensive network of trusted collaborators and we will try and put you in touch with someone who can.

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