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Forensic Science Advisors

In addition to the legal and forensics profession, Millington Hingley's team of trusted Forensic Science Advisors also provide advice and guidance to the media. They have worked on a number of audio and TV productions including BBC's Silent Witness, various ITV dramas, CBS Reality true crime shows & podcasts.


We can help by:

  • Advising writers on forensic science and practice

  • On-set advice and helping to reconstruct realistic forensic and crime scene scenarios

  • Reviewing storylines to offer advice on forensic opportunities

  • On camera contributors for true crime documentaries

  • Public engagement and speaking on forensic science, including outreach to schools and colleges

  • Reviewing forensic casework for media companies

  • Working with Art Departments to help simulate authentic crime scenes, including using proxy materials

  • Contributing to conferences and sharing stories about our experiences of forensic science

If we are unable to help with your particular enquiry we have an extensive network of trusted collaborators and we will try and put you in touch with someone who can.

Other Services

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