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Training Courses

We offer a wide range of training courses in forensic science for practitioners and enthusiasts, most notably in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA). Please use the 'Get in Touch' button if you have any specific requirements.

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Image showing a BPA course in action with Jo Millington measuring blood spatter

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA)

We deliver a broad range of professional Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA) training courses in partnership with Spattered Limited (Spatter/ED). These courses are aimed at multi-agency forensic scientists, crime scene professionals, law practitioners, medical personnel, academics & students and we offer awareness and team-building sessions for legal personnel and enthusiasts. The professional-level courses meet the educational guidelines as outlined by IABPA / OSAC (formerly SWGSTAIN) and support membership of the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts (IABPA).


Post-course mentoring is also available to attendees and can be tailored to meet individual or agency requirements.

Please get in touch to discuss your specific training needs or join our list to be notified about new training dates.

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Introduction To BPA

Typically a half or one-day training course focusing on the basic application of BPA. Can be delivered in person, online or as a guest input on established courses e.g. CSI Level 1, 2 or CSM training 

Basic (Level 2)  BPA Course

A 40-hour, week-long foundational training course focusing on the basic application of BPA. Meets the educational standards of IABPA

Advanced BPA Course

A 40-hour, week-long training course focusing on the advanced application of BPA at crime scenes and in the laboratory. Meets the educational standards of IABPA

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA) Training Courses

Image showing blood spatter
Image from a BPA training course showing blood spatter on the floor
Image form an advanced BPA course showing student analysing blood spatter

Training Course Feedback

Scene of Crime Personnel

All of the practical work was fab ... a great opportunity to see examples in person

I hope all of my colleagues  get the opportunity to come on the course

What about the jokes?

Needs some work ;)

Forensic Scientists

Most valuable topics? 

Literally all of it - loved the whole thing


Learning OBJECTIVE CRITERIA for each pattern and the gunshot-generated spatter presentation

What about the jokes?

Very entertaining 12/10!


Valuable. Several research questions have arisen for me to look at

Balance between practical and classroom-based sessions is perfect

What about the jokes?

Beyond excellent

Our one-day BPA Awareness / Level 1, Basic BPA / Level 2 ('40-hour') and Advanced BPA / Level 3 (Scenes or Fabrics) training courses are specifically aimed at forensic and crime scene professionals specialising in the search and interpretation of bloodstains, at the crime scene or in the laboratory

This course provides an opportunity for academic institutions to offer certified training, delivered by operational practitioners, to their students as part of the curriculum or as an additional 'enhancement' activity.

It is typically delivered over a 3-hour session including a lecture and, where facilities allow, can include instructor-led practical demonstrations

This 'taster session' provides an opportunity to learn more about the world of BPA, including online. It is particularly suitable for Pathologists, Medical Personnel, Police Officers, Crime Scene Personnel, Judges, Solicitors, Barristers, Academics and other interested parties. Depending on the venue it can be delivered as a team building session, alongside a beverage.

Who can attend?

We can provide bespoke training for groups and can tailor our programs if you have a specific training requirement. Please get in touch to discuss this further or to request a full programme of our professional training courses.

Image of a gun shot from a BPA course
Lecture theatre as used in a BPA course
Classroom setting as may be used in a BPA course

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