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Jo Millington
/ Forensic Scientist


t: +44 (0) 118 380 0831


Jo started out as a forensic scientist in 1996 and spent her formative years working in major and critical incident investigation, most notably with the Forensic Science Service in London. Her particular areas of expertise are bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA), including crime scene evaluation, animal forensics and body fluid & DNA interpretation. Jo delivers a renowned training program in BPA for multi-agency practitioners from all over the world. 

She is a highly regarded forensic educator and collaborates with a wide range of academic institutions to support research and share best practice. 

Jo has built a reputation for delivering balanced and comprehensive reports working for the Crown and the Defence. She is a capable and dependable scientist and balances fee-based operations with a strong portfolio of pro-bono work and engagement activities. 

Lynne Hingley
/ Forensic Scientist


m: +44 (0) 118 380 0831


Lynne has established a rich experience of forensic science having worked with many of the UKs major Forensic Science Providers over the last 20 years or so. Her particular areas of expertise are forensic DNA analysis, including specialist methods and statistics, body fluid interpretation and sexual offence review. 

She is renowned for conveying complex matters in a straightforward manner and is regularly invited to deliver seminars to legal professionals to explain the complexities, strengths and limitations of DNA evidence. 


Lynne has built a strong reputation in delivering reports that meet the requirements of the court and often acts as a scientist 'for the court', even though her initial instruction may have been on behalf of the Defence. It is this balance that has contributed to Lynne's reputation as a fair-handed and robust forensic advisor.

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