We offer a collaborative approach to forensic science that is built on years of experience. Our principal expertise is in forensic biology and we are accomplished expert witnesses, having given evidence in UK and international courts.  Our work is enriched by a broad understanding of multi-disciplinary forensics supported by a strong network of legal and scientific practitioners. We recognise that our expertise is a direct function of the people that we have worked with over the last 20 years and we are committed to nurturing the relationships that we have and look forward to building new ones. Our aim is to deliver a forensic science service that builds on the past, is informed by today and leads into the future. 

We also know that forensic science primarily has value when it is communicated in a straightforward manner and is evaluated in context with the case circumstances, irrespective of where it is being used in the criminal justice system. We offer non-partisan forensic expertise to the Defence and Crown.



We have over 40 collective years of experience in forensic biology and we offer case review, expert witness and advisory services in this area.



We offer a wide range of training courses in forensic science for practitioners and enthusiasts, most notably in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. 



We are pro-collaboration and we take part in a wide range of knowledge transfer, widening participation and STEM events.




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