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Experts on Trial - DNA Transfer

Julia Shaw and Experts on Trial title

Experts on Trial is a new forensic science podcast on BBC Radio 4.

In it, Dr Julia Shaw tackles some of the issues facing expert witnesses in court through the lens of a number of important cases -including that of Lukis Anderson whose DNA found its way onto the fingernails of a murder victim that he had never crossed paths with.

In the final episode, Experts on Trial - DNA Transfer, Julia talks with Millington Hingley's Jo Millington about the limitations of forensic DNA evidence and how bias in forensic science might come into play.

Jo: Our tests are so sensitive that they can detect DNA that is from indirect transfer, which means I don't have to be there for my DNA to be in a place. Julia: That sounds terrifying.

Listen to the full episode on BBC Sounds - Experts on Trial Episode 5 - DNA Transfer.


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