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BBC's Expert Witness: Written in Blood

Jo Millington at a desk in a conference room working on a case

The BBC's long-running series Expert Witness investigates how some of the UK’s most serious and complex cases were solved by the expertise of a band of unsung heroes – the expert witnesses.

Season 3 includes the fascinating episode, 'Written in Blood', which shows how a miscarriage of justice was overturned. It features legal experts from the Inside Justice advisory panel who generously launched the appeal pro bono and forensic specialists who shed new light on the scientific evidence.

Millington Hingley's Jo Millington reviewed the blood pattern findings in this case and talks in the episode about the tipping points that caused the scientific evidence to drift off course.

The investigative charity, Inside Justice relies on charitable support to investigate and tackle miscarriages of justice and you can learn more about their work and donate your time, expertise or money here.


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