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Murder Conviction Overturned

Jo Millington and the Inside Justice Team have recently featured in a new Slow Newscast episode.

Created by Tortoise Media, an award-winning podcast team, the episode entitled 'Wronged' follows the story of two innocent men - Patryk Pachecka and Grzegorz Szal - who were wrongly imprisoned for murder in 2017.

The case was brought to Inside Justice by Siobhan Grey KC after the original six-week trial and subsequent conviction of her client, Patryk, at the Old Bailey in London. Siobhan had a number of concerns about the case and Louise Shorter, Inside Justice's Founder, agreed to help by putting her in touch with Advisory Panel member and Trustee Jo Millington, Millington Hingley's Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA) expert.

In the podcast, Basia Cummings of Tortoise Media's Slow Newscast, interviews Siobhan, Louise and Jo, who together with two forensic pathologists, Professor Jack Crane CBE and Dr Claas Buschmann, and Patryk's solicitor Jason Lartey, joined forces to reinvestigate the evidence against the two men.

The reinvestigation was successful and the case referred back to the Court of Appeal, where the conviction was quashed and a retrial ordered. It was at this retrial in November 2021 that both Patryk and Grzegorz were found not guilty.

Click here for more information about the case or here to download and listen to the story of a remarkable miscarriage of justice (around 50mins).


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