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Crime Scene to Court

Jo Millington contributed to the fourth edition of the book Crime Scene to Court: The Essentials of Forensic Science.

Written for non-scientists, or those with limited scientific knowledge, this book covers the three main areas of an investigation where forensic science is practised: at the scene of the crime, in the forensic laboratory and at court.

Synopsis of Jo's BPA chapter:

Bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA) is a discipline within forensic science that deals with the examination, identification, interpretation and evaluation of bloodstains. Because there is a direct requirement for blood, BPA is inextricably linked to violent crime. The development of bloodstain patterns is based on blood dynamics, and by understanding how blood behaves in different scenarios, it becomes possible to not only establish the activities that may have caused them, but also to evaluate who may have been involved at the time. This chapter provides a comprehensive overview of the different bloodstain pattern types and the mechanisms by which they are generated, and introduces a framework that supports the robust evaluation of BPA evidence.

You can purchase the entire book here or Jo's specific chapter on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis by clicking here

This is a popular textbook: watch this space for details regarding the publication of Edition 5 which Jo is currently working on!


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